• Perceptions of Horace: a Roman Poet and his Legacy, Department of Greek and Latin, University College, University of London, July 5-6



  • Anthologies:

    • Complete Odes and Epodes.

    • Satires and Epistles

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    • Q. Horati Flacci Opera.  Ed. D. R. Shackleton Bailey.  1985.

    • Complete Works.  Ed. Charles E. Passage.  1983.

    • Satires, Epistles and Ars Poetica.  Ed. H. R. Fairclough.  1936.

  • Selected Individual Works:

    • Carmina.

      • Odes.

    • Epistles.

      • Ars Poetica.  c.24-27 BCE.

        • The Art of Poetry [Epistle to the Pisones].  c.20 BCE.

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  • Anthologies:

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