IRVING HOWE (1920 - 1993)




  • Anthologies:

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  • Edited Works:

    • Edith Wharton: a Collection of Critical Essays.  Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall 1962.

  • Selected Individual Works:

    • "History and the Novel."  The New Republic September 3, 1990.  29-34.

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    • William Faulkner: a Critical Study.  New York: Random House, 1952.

    • Sherwood Anderson.  New York: Sloane, 1951.


  • Archives:


  • Selected Individual Works:




  • Anthologies:

    • Rodden, John, ed.  The Worlds of Irving Howe: the Critical Legacy.  Herndon, VA: Paradigm, 2007.

    • Rodden, John, ed.  Irving Howe and the Critics: Celebrations and Attacks.  Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, 2005.

  • Selected Individual Works:

    • Alexander, Edward.  Irving Howe: Socialist, Critic, Jew.  Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1998.

    • Sorin, Gerald.  Irving Howe: a Life of Passionate Dissent.  2005.




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