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  • The Forces of the Cosmos and the Ontopoietic Genesis of Life, 62nd International Congress of Phenomenology, Lucernaire Centre National d’Art et d’Essai, Paris, August 8-10

  • Phenomenology and Aristotle, 7th Central and Eastern European Conference on Phenomenology, St. Petersburg, June 2-3

  • Phenomenology, Aesthetics and the Arts, Joint Conference of the Irish Phenomenological Circle and the British Society for Phenomenology, University College Cork, March 30-April 1, 2012


  • Responsibility, Formal Knowledge and the Life-World, Australasian Phenomenology and Hermeneutics Association, Murdoch University, November 28-29
  • Meeting (in Conjunction with 2011 Annual Meeting of Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy), International Association for Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences (IAPCS), Philadelphia, October 19
  • Human Experience and Nature: Examining the Relationship between Phenomenology and Naturalism, University of the West of England, August 31-September 2
  • Copenhagen Summer School in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind, Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen, August 8-12

  • Retrouver un Sens Nouveau: Rencontrer l'Imprévisible, Colloque international de phénoménologie, Université de Toulouse 2 - Le Mirail, 5, 6 et 7 Juillet

  • Phenomenology and the Human Positioning in the Cosmos -- the Life-World, Nature, Earth, 61st International Congress of Phenomenology, Istanbul Kultur University, June 27-July 1

  • Habit and Second Nature, Annual Conference, British Society for Phenomenology, St. Hilda’s College, University of Oxford, April 15-17


  • Film Phenomenology: a Symposium, Queen Mary College, University of London, November 13
  • Phenomenology and Ancient Greek Philosophy: Reappraisal and Renewal, Department of Philosophy and Social Studies, University of Crete, June 27-29

  • Phenomenology and the Vulnerable Body: the Experience of Illness, Department of Philosophy, University of Hull, May 6-7
  • Matters of Intentionality, Research Seminar in Phenomenology 2009-2010, University of Liège, May 3-7
  • Phenomenology and French Epistemology, Annual Conference, British Society for Phenomenology, St Hilda’s College, University of Oxford, April 9-11

  • The Futures of Phenomenology, Spring Conference of Irish Philosophical Society, Department of Philosophy, National University of Ireland, Galway, March 6-7
  • 12th Annual Conference, Society for Phenomenology and Media, Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, Mexico, February 24-27


  • Annual Meeting, Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences, George Mason University, October 29-31

  • Situated Selves: Phenomenology, Law and Aesthetics, Department of Philosophy, University of Liverpool, October 30-31
  • In Statu Nascendi: Phenomenology, Pedagogy, Psychotherapy, Sixth Central and Eastern European Conference on Phenomenology, Vilnius, October 28–November 1

  • Judgement and Truth in Early Analytic Philosophy and Phenomenology, University of Zurich, October 23-25
  • Transcendentalism Revisited, 59th International Congress of Phenomenology, World Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research and Learning, University of Antwerp, July 8-10
  • Annual Meeting, Society for Existentialist and Phenomenological Theory and Culture, Carleton University, May 26-29
  • Phenomenology, Social Sciences and the Arts, University of Konstanz, May 14-16
  • The Ethics of Interpretation from Ancient to Postmodern Times, Seminar on Phenomenology and Hermeneutics and the Midwest Seminar in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Marquette University, May 13-14
  • Inaugural Meeting, Interdisciplinary Coalition of North American Phenomenologists, Ramapo College of New Jersey, May 8-9

  • Phenomenology and the Theological Turn, 27th Annual Symposium, Simon Silverman Phenomenology Centre, Duquesne University, April 28-29
  • Seventh Annual Conference, Nordic Society for Phenomenology (Nordisk Selskab for Fænomenologi), University of Tampere, April 23-25

  • Philosophy, Politics, and the Media, 11th Annual Conference, Society for Phenomenology Media, Arlington, Virginia, February 26-28, 2009


  • Annual Meeting, Society for Phenomenology and Existential Phenomenology, Duquesne University, October 16-18

  • Annual Meeting, Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences, Duquesne University, October 16-18

  • Phenomenology, Literature and Art, International Colloquium, Romanian Society for Phenomenology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest, October 14-15
  • The Phenomenology and Existentialism of the Twentieth Century, Fourth World Congress of Phenomenology, World Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research and Learning, Jagiellonian University of Krakow, Poland, August 17-20

  • Phenomenology, Organisation and Technology, 6th International Workshop, University of Oxford, July 17-19, 2008

  • Belief after Reason: Hegel, Heidegger, Derrida, 33rd Collegium Phaenomenologicum, Umbria, Italy, July 14 - August 1
  • The Varieties of Moral Experience: a Phenomenological Investigation, Department of Philosophy, Durham University, June 24-25
  • Annual Meeting, Society for Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture, University of British Columbia, June 3-5
  • The Artist and the Message – Creativity and Communication, 13th Annual Conference, International Society of Phenomenology, Fine Arts and Aesthetics, Radcliffe Gymnasium, Cambridge, MA, May 7-8
  • Human Destiny in Literature, 32nd Annual Conference, International Society of Phenomenology and Literature, Radcliffe Gymnasium, Cambridge, MA, May 5-6
  • The Intentionality of Phenomenology and the Phenomenology of Intentionality, International Workshop in the Philosophy of Mind and the Foundation of Cognitive Sciences, Department of Social, Quantitative and Cognitive Sciences, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, April 28-29
  • Phenomenology and Human Sciences, Nordic Society for Phenomenology, Lithuania, April 25-27



  • The Phenomenology of John Paul II, Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center, Duquesne University, December 1-2

  • Phenomenology and Language, Husserl Archives, University of Leuven, November 23-25

  • Phenomenology of Agency, Department of Philosophy, University of Fribourg, November 17-18

  • Phenomenological Perspectives: Europe, World and Humanity in the 21st Century, Fourth Central and Eastern European Conference on Phenomenology, Phenomenological Society of Ljubljana and the Institute Nova revija, Ljubljana, November 16-19

  • Phenomenology of Spirit, Third Swedish-Finnish Phenomenological Workshop, Research Group in European Thought, University of Helsinki, October 6-7

  • Phénoménologie comme philosophie première, Institut Français de Prague, Prague, October 4-6

  • Derrida's 'Plato's Pharmacy', 31st Annual Session, Collegium Phaenomenologicum, Città di Castello, Italy, July 8-9

  • Phenomenology and Modernism, Maison Française d'Oxford, June 24

  • Phenomenology and Transcendental Philosophy, AHRC Transcendental Philosophy and Naturalism Project (University of Essex), Institute of Philosophy, University of London, June 16-17

  • Annual Meeting, Society for Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture, York University, May 27-29

  • Problemi Attuali della Fenomrnologia: Mondo della Vita e Sintesi passiva [Current Issues in Phenomenology: Life World and Passive Synthesis], Università di Pisa, May 17-19

  • Phenomenology, Royal Institute of Philosophy, University of Manchester, May 13

  • The Writings of Slavoj Zizek, Annual Conference, British Society for Phenomenology, St Hilda's College, Oxford University, April 7-9

  • The Theological Turn in French Phenomenology, Samford University, Alabama, March 31-April 1

  • Phenomenology: a Symposium on How Things Appear to Us in and through our Experience, Royal Institute of Philosophy, University of March, March 13


  • Person and Society: Perspectives for the XXI Century, a Celebration of the Centenary of the Births of Emmanuel Levinas, Jean-Paul Sartre and Emmanuel Mounier, Catholic University of Portugal, November 17-19
  • Russia and the Phenomenological Tradition, St. Petersburg School of Religion and Philosophy, Department of Philosophy of St. Petersburg University and Institute of Philosophy in Moscow, Russia, September 14-18

  • Transcendence and Phenomenology, Centre of Theology and Philosophy (COTP), University of Nottingham, September 1-3

  • Philosophical Anthropology Reviewed and Renewed, Department of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame, May 6-9

  • Annual Meeting, Society for Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture, University of Western Ontario, May 28-30
  • The Problem of the New, Annual Conference, British Society for Phenomenology, St Hilda's College, University of Oxford, April 8-10


  • Logos of Phenomenology and Phenomenology of the Logos, Third World Congress of Phenomenology, Wadham College, University of Oxford, August 15-21

  • Attention: Phenomenology, Hemispheric Specialisation and Psychiatric Disorders, All Souls College, University of Oxford, May 28-29

  • Human Creation Between Reality and Illusion: Art, Dance, Digital Art, Film, Light, Music, and Theatre, Ninth Annual Meeting, International Society for Phenomenology, Aesthetics, and Fine Arts, Harvard University, May 14-15
  • In Search of Moral Standards, Twenty-eighth Annual Conference, International Society for Phenomenology and Literature, Harvard University, May 12-13

  • Media, Faith, Belief, Religion, Sixth Annual Conference, Society for Phenomenology and Media, Brigham Young University, May 5-8

  • Bergson in Context, Annual Conference, British Society for Phenomenology, St. Hilda's College, Oxford University, April 2-4 [Programme]

  • Tercer Coloquio Latinoamericano de Fenomenología, CLAFEN, Pontifica Universidad Católica del Perú, January 12-16












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      • Arts:

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  • Selected Individual Works:



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