• Annual Seminar, Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology, San Francisco, November 13
  • Practicing Science and Technology, Performing the Social, Annual Conference, European Association for the Study  of Science and Technology, University of Trento, September 2-4
  • Hermeneutics and Science: Worlds, Realities and Life, International Society for Hermeneutics and Science, Sigmund Freud University, August 27-29
  • That Buck Rogers Stuff: the Rhetoric of Science and Science Fiction, Rhetoric of Science and Technology Preconference, in conjunction with Rhetoric Society of America 2010 Conference, Minneapolis, May 28



  • Meeting, International Society for Hermeneutics and Science, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, August 20-23




  • Rekonstruktionen, International Society for Hermeneutics and Science, Carl von Ossietzky Universitat, Germany, September 23-26




  • Hermeneutics and Science 2003, International Society for Hermeneutics and Science, Tihany, Hungary, June 7-11











  • Fourth Meeting, International Society for Hermeneutics and Science, State University of New York, Stony Brook, June 21-23


  • Third Meeting, International Society for Hermeneutics and Science, Leusden, Holland, July 12-15



  • Conference on Hermeneutics and Science, Veszprém, Hungary, September 6-9







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