Philosophy of Law:

Rhetoric and Sociology of Law:

Law and Humanities (Culture, Film, Literature):




  • Criminalization Conference, Department of Philosophy, University of Stirling, September 7-9
  • Natural Law and Legal Obligation, Annual Conference, Australian Society of Legal Philosophy, T. C. Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland, July 29-31

  • Authority, Legitimacy and Rights, Annual Conference, Association of Legal and Social Philosophy, University of Warwick, July 4–6

  • Uncertainty in Morality and Law, Law and Philosophy Forum, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, June 15-17


  • The Morality of Law: Kantian Perspectives, University of Keele, November 27

  • Great Expectations: Multiple Modernities of Law, Annual Critical Legal Conference, University of Utrecht, September 10-12

  • Legal Science and Legal Theory: an International Conference on Philosophy of Law, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, September 8-10
  • Legal Rules, Moral Norms and Democratic Principles, 9th International Roundtable for Semiotics of Law (IRSL 2010), Department of Philosophy, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland, September 3-6
  • The Legal Case: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Law and Literary Studies Colloquium, Hong Kong University, June 23-25
  • Moral Cosmopolitanism and Positive International Law: And Never the Twain Shall Meet?, Law School, University of Amsterdam, June 17

  • Second Biennial Literature and Law Conference, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, April 16
  • Thirteenth Annual Conference, Association of the Study of Law, Culture and the Humanities, Brown University, March 19-20


  • Translegality, Joint conference, Law and Literature Association of Australia and Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand, December 2–5
  • Transparency, Control and Power: Issues in Legal Semiotics, 8th International Roundtable for the Semiotics of Law (IRSL 2009), Department of English, City University of Hong Kong, December 2-
  • Outsiders Inside, LatCrit XIV, Fourteenth Annual LatCrit (Latina and Latino Critical Legal Theory, Inc.) Conference, American University - Washington College of Law, October 1-4

  • Law, Literature and Religion, First Annual Law and Literature Symposium, School of Law and Department of English, Villanova University, October 1-3
  • Global Harmony and Rule of Law, 24th World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR) and China Law Society (CLS), Beijing, September 15-20
  • Genealogies: Excavating Legal Modernity, Critical Legal Conference 2009, University of Leicester, September 11-13
  • Business Law and Narrative Symposium, College of Law, Michigan State University, September 10-11, 2009
  • Ethics for the 21st Century, Annual Conference, Association for Legal and Social Philosophy, Department of Politics and International Relations University of Edinburgh, July 2-4

  • International Law and Global Justice, Global Justice Network, with the support of the Centre for the Study of Social Justice and the Centre for International Studies, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford, May 20-21
  • The Rule of Law and Political Emergencies, LSE Forum in Legal and Political Theory, London School of Economics, May 15
  • Twelfth Annual Conference, Association of the Study of Law, Culture and the Humanities, Law School, Suffolk University, April 3-4


  • Evolution and Morality, Annual Meeting, American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy, Boston, August 28-29


















Philosophy of Law:

Rhetoric and Sociology of Law:

Law and Humanities (Culture, Film, Literature):



  • Cardozo Law Review

Philosophy of Law:

Rhetoric and Sociology of Law:

Law and Humanities (Culture, Film, Literature):




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    • General:

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    • Law and Humanities (Culture, Film, Literature):

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Philosophy of Law:

Rhetoric and Sociology of Law:

Law and Humanities (Culture, Film, Literature):


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